Lacotte Industrie deploys a wide range of know-hows in the mechanical and metal working in order to support its customers at all stages of their product life: from prototyping, through industrialization, optimization, serial life management, spare parts until the end of life of their product.


For the end-of-life management(for exemple : maintenance of old special-equipements or old hydraulic dams…) we redesign and machine new spare parts based on old used orignals. Alternatively, when possible, we re-work these parts to give them a second life.


Nearly 1000 retrofited parts/year


Manufacturing industrial prototypes or unique components for special machineries is Lacotte Industrie’s bread and butter. We launch in production more than 1000 new products every year.


We support our industrial and aerospace customers during the pre-series phase in order to optimize their industrialization. Our proposals cover many topics such as tooling manucfacturing, raw materials, heat treatments, surface treatment and other processes used, shapes and geometric constraints …

This with a spirit of cost optimization.


Some complex parts may require treatments or operations outsourced. We have for this purpose reliable long-term partners sharing the same quality and service commitments.


Additive manufacturing or 3D printing is a wide variety of technologies still unfamiliar with most companies. Lacotte industry has developed expertise in this field.  We offer re-engineering or full design services combining the best of both traditional technologies and new additive technologies in term of cost and performance. We work with various suppliers in this field to have access to the full range of available technologies and to choose the most suitable for the application studied.