Lacotte Industrie is a recognized expert in the machining of precision mechanical parts of all sizes in hard metals (steel, titanium, inconel) but also in light alloys (aluminum) and plastics. We work for various very demanding fields in terms of deadlines, quality and traceability: aeronautics, industrial robotics, defence, automotive, etc.
Lacotte Industrie has regularly invested in state-of-the-art production facilities. We are equipped with 4 4-axis machining centers, a CNC milling machine . This equipment, managed by our highly competent machining technicians, allows us to produce parts from 1mm³ to 1m³. We have also developed skills in hard turning which often replaces cylindrical grinding at a lower cost for steels above 60Hrc Hardness.

In 2019, one of our tuning CNC was equipped with a robotic arm. This allows to bring futher competitiveness to our customers in term of prices, quality requirements and this reduces manufacturing cycle times for their serial parts.

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In 2017, Lacotte Industrie invested in a complementary technology: EDM by wire cutting. Extrusion dies and cutting punches are very frequently machined over wire.
This process consists in cutting with a calibrated wire and with the help of small discharges in a conductive material in a very precise way. The wire can be tilted, thus making it possible to create parts with tapers or with different profiles between the top and bottom of the part.
The level of precision is +/-5µm.


The expertise of Lacotte’s technical team makes it possible to offer very high precision surface grinding, thus guaranteeing surface conditions, geometric constraints of flatness or parallelism.
We are able to grind all types of parts, prototypes, small or medium series, whatever the materials used (aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, copper, bronze, steel, cast iron, etc.).


Quality control guarantees the excellence expected by our customers. In addition to the EN9100 and ISO9001 system accreditations, several of our customers have granted us quality delegations.
Our workshop technicians are directly responsible for the quality of the products delivered under the supervision of our quality manager and our controllers. Every first and last piece is 100% checked. The notion of total quality is an integral part of Lacotte Industrie’s DNA.
We are equipped with conventional means of control, very high precision equipment: a three-dimensional measuring machine MITUTOYO, several marbles and measuring columns.


Lacotte Industrie integrates sub-assemblies of tools or mechanical and hydraulic parts in order to provide our customers with finished products ready to be assembled on their products or in their factories. These are, for example, mold elements, robot effectors, control gauges, handling tools, etc.

Over the years Lacotte has developped an expertise and some products in the field of customize hangling system for safety purposes.